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In order to encourage the responsible use of library materials, ensure the prompt return of borrowed items, and offset the expense of specialized services, the Library has established a schedule of applicable fines and fees.

Circulation Fines/Fees

Overdue fines apply to all library materials. Materials returned more than one (1) day after the date due are assessed a fine. Fines are assessed according to the following chart:

• Circulating print and audiovisual materials
• Quik-Kits
• Reference materials

Overdue Fine per Day

The maximum fine for items returned in good condition after the due date is five dollars ($5.00) per item or the amount listed below for specific material types:

• Adult magazines
• Juvenile magazines
• Paperbacks

$4.00 each
$3.00 each
$2.00 each

Items are billed to a borrower's account when they have not been returned thirty (30) days after the date due. When an item is billed, the price listed in the item record in the Library's materials database is charged to the borrower's account.

When a billed item is returned in good condition, the amount of the bill is deleted from the borrower's account. Overdue fines are assessed. If the returned item is damaged and cannot be returned to the collection, the amount of the bill remains on the borrower's record.

Copies of user account information will be provided at the request of the account owner for a charge of $0.10 per page.

Data Storage Devices

Patrons may download information from Library computers onto data storage devices (disks or flash drives). Patrons may use their own data storage devices or ones purchased from the Library.

• Disks
• USB flash drives

$0.50 each
$7.50 each

Digital Scanning Service

• Digital Scanning (Available Main only)



All copying by Library staff must comply with U.S. copyright law. Emailing of copies by Library staff may be provided at no charge, but such provision must conform to copyright law.

The cost of copying any Library materials (including microfilm and electronic resources) at the request of a patron will be charged to the patron along with a $1.00 handling fee. Patrons without a Greenville County Library System card or whose card is barred or blocked must pay in advance of having materials sent to them. When deemed necessary to complete a reference transaction or to provide service in extraordinary circumstances, a limited number of pages copied from electronic files may be provided free of charge at the discretion of Library staff.

Genealogical Record Searches

• Census Records
• Colonial and State Land Records
• County Records
• Military and Pension Records
• Obituary, death certificate, marriage certificate
• South Carolina Wills



Patrons may use their own headphones with Library computers and Playaway digital audiobooks or headphones may be purchased from the Library.

• Earbuds
• Over-the-ears

$1.00 each
$5.50 each

Interlibrary Loan

The Library charges its cardholders $1.00 per item for postage for each item borrowed from another library system. Any fines and/or fees charged by the lending library to the Greenville County Library System are charged to the patron for whom the material is borrowed. The Library assesses an overdue fine of $1.00 per day per item, up to a maximum of $10.00 per item, for overdue materials borrowed from another library system. There is no grace period for overdue Interlibrary Loans.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Replacement costs for lost items or items too damaged to remain in the Library collection will be charged to the borrower's account according to the price listed in the copy record in the Library's materials database. If the items have been damaged or lost through circumstances such as fire, theft, flooding, etc., and the borrower can provide official documentation of the event, e.g. a police report, insurance statement, etc., the Library will forgive half (½) of the total replacement fees. Any fines/fees associated with the late return of the items will be canceled with the exception of materials recovery fees. No charges are assessed for damages by normal use, i.e. normal wear and tear.

For efficiency and economy in preparing materials for circulation, the Library prefers payment for lost or damaged items. However, the Library will accept replacement items purchased by the borrower in lieu of fees for lost or severely damaged items. Replacements are accepted only if the items are new, commercially produced, and match the lost/damaged item exactly. The borrower furnishing a replacement copy of a lost or damaged item will be charged a processing fee of $10.00 to offset the Library's cost in preparing it for circulation.

Lost or Damaged Parts

Replacement charges may be assessed for lost or obviously mutilated parts of sets according to the following chart:

• Audiobook case
• Audiocassettes – replaceable single cassette from a multi-unit set
• Barcode missing (N/C for missing eye readable strip)
• CDs – replaceable single disc from a multi-unit set
• DVD case
• Inserts for audiovisuals (covers, booklets, etc.)
• Lost hang-up bags
• Lost library card or replacement of key chain card
• Playaway battery cover
• Playaway case and/or foam insert
• Playaway lanyard
• Playaway View Case
• Playaway View Power Cord
• Quik-Kit container
• VHS case


If individual replacement parts cannot be purchased for an item, the borrower is responsible for the cost of the complete unit. The Executive Director is authorized to adjust replacement charges for lost or damaged parts, based on the current cost of the items or to establish replacement charges for new items as needed.

Materials Recovery Service

The Library uses Unique Management Services, a company specializing in recovering library materials. An account is referred to Unique when the borrower's record exceeds $25.00 in fines or fees. To recoup the cost of pursuing these debts, a $10.00 fee is added to each borrower account referred to Unique.


Setup Fees for Meeting Rooms:

• Branch Library or one section at Main Library
• Two sections at Main Library
• Three sections at Main Library



Food/Beverage Permission Fees for Meeting Rooms:

• Branch Library or one section at Main Library
• Two sections at Main Library
• Three sections at Main Library



Computer Training Lab Technical Assistance Fee:

• 1-12 Computers
• 13-23 Computers



Other Fees:

• Ceiling Mounted LCD Projector (Main Library, Room C)
• Dedicated, Wired Internet Connection
• Portable Stage at Main Library
• Technical Assistance Fee


Non-Resident Borrower Cards

The fee for a non-resident Library card with full privileges is $30.00.

The Executive Director is authorized to adjust the non-resident card fee annually to correspond to the revenue generated by the Library's millage rate divided by the most recent Greenville County population estimate.

Non-Resident Computer Guest Pass

For a charge of $3.00, a non-resident may purchase a guest pass to use the Library's public computers on the day the pass is purchased.

Printing and Photocopying

• Black and white (8.5x11 and 8.5x14)
• Black and white (11x17 Available Main only)
• Color (Available Main only)

$0.10 per copy
$0.25 per copy
$1.00 per copy

Refunds of Fees Paid

If the borrower locates an item for which s/he has paid the lost fee, the item may be returned up to six months after the payment was made. If the item is in usable condition, i.e., it is not damaged and all parts are returned, the borrower will be refunded the lost fee paid minus any overdue charge and any outstanding fines/fees on his/her account. Refunds will not be given on replacement charges the borrower paid for lost or damaged parts.

Refund requests are processed by the Library Business Office and checks are mailed to the borrower at the address listed in the borrower's account.

Returned Checks

Greenville County Ordinance 2476 authorizes the collection of a service charge for handling and processing returned checks. The Library adds a $30.00 charge to the account of the borrower for whom the payment was received.

Surveillance Information

Print or video information recorded from Library surveillance cameras must be requested through the Freedom of Information Act.

• Still Shots
• Video Footage


The Executive Director is authorized to adjust or establish charges to recover costs for new items or services.




Approved by the Board of Trustees on May 22, 2002
Revised March 22, 2004; July 26, 2004; August 28, 2006;
June 25, 2007; June 23, 2008; June 6, 2011; March 26, 2012;
March 25, 2013