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Applicants must submit a completed Meeting Room Application, Hughes Main Library Study Room Application, Branch Conference Room Application, or Computer Training Lab Application. Out-of-County residents, including reciprocal borrowers, must purchase a Library card to reserve these meeting spaces.

Applications may be submitted no more than 90 days in advance. Exception: Requests for one-time events or annual meetings may be submitted up to one year in advance.

A meeting space at the same Library location may not be reserved on behalf of the same group more than three (3) times in a calendar month.

Reservation periods must include sufficient time for Applicants to set up the meeting space and return it to its original arrangement at the conclusion of its use.

Reservations are considered pending until Applicants receive written confirmation from Library staff.

A Meeting Room Application must be signed by two (2) persons at least 18 years of age who have a Library card account in good standing. Applications for Branch Conference Rooms, Hughes Main library Study Rooms, and the Computer Training Lab at the Hughes Main Library require only one (1) signature of an individual at least 18 years of age who has a Library card account in good standing.

The failure of an Applicant to provide adequate notice of cancellation within twelve (12) hours preceding a reservation's start time may result in the denial of future meeting space use.

Branch Study Rooms are not available for reservation.

Non-Reserved Use

Library cardholders may use meeting spaces that are not reserved on a first come, first served basis. An application must be completed prior to non-reserved use of Library meeting space with the exception of Branch Study Rooms.

Hughes Main Library Study Rooms may be used in no more than two-hour increments. When no one is waiting, users may be allowed to extend their use up to two (2) additional hours, not to exceed a total of four (4) hours of non-reserved use per day. On Sundays, no additional two-hour increments will be granted.

The time increment for non-reserved use of Branch Library Conference Rooms is determined by Branch Managers based on local demand.

Conditions of Use

At least one Applicant must be present in a meeting space during the entire period of use.

Meetings must be vacated 30 minutes before Library closing. Applicants must inform Library staff when they are through with a meeting space.

Meeting spaces may not be used for purposes that are primarily social including, but not limited to, parties, reception, showers, reunions, wakes, etc.

Users may neither sell or exchange goods or services nor promote sales by samples, pictures or descriptions. Recruitment of agents/customers through the distribution of samples and/or collection of personal information and/or orders from attendees is prohibited.

Users may neither solicit nor collect donations of money, donor forms, pledge forms or other property from meeting participants.

Because the Library is a public facility, privacy cannot be guaranteed except for lawful executive sessions of governmental bodies.

Use of meeting spaces is subject to all applicable federal, state, county, and municipal laws and regulations and the Library's Code of Conduct.

Occupancy limits for meeting spaces are determined by local Fire Marshals and may vary per Library location. Occupancy information for meeting spaces is available from staff or the Library's website.

The Library reserves the right to have a representative attend any meeting held in its facilities to ensure that no unlawful activities or activities contrary to this policy or the Library's Code of Conduct are occurring.

No candles, canned liquid cooking fuel or other incendiary materials may be lit or burned in the Library.

Lights must remain on in Conference and Study Rooms, and windows/doors may not be covered when those rooms are in use.

No electrical appliances except coffee pots and electric servers may be used in Meeting Rooms.

Users may neither claim endorsement by the Library nor imply that the Library is sponsoring their meeting. Meeting publicity should clearly state that the event is not a Library-sponsored program, but may include Library address/location information for attendees. Users should not include Library telephone numbers in meeting publicity.

Users must confine meeting activities and distribution of literature and signage to the meeting space reserved.

Any meeting with 15 or more individuals under the age of 18 in attendance must have at least one responsible adult present in the meeting for every 15 persons younger than 18 years of age.

Applicants must submit any requests for a refund of paid fees in writing to the meeting space location. Refunds for set-up and take-down services which have already been provided are contingent upon receipt of appropriate cancellation notice.

The Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation when at least one Applicant is not present within 30 minutes after the reservation start time.

Food and Beverages

No food or beverages are allowed in Conference Rooms, Study Rooms or the Computer Training Lab of the Hughes Main Library. No food or beverages, except plain water, may be consumed in Meeting Rooms unless Applicants have paid the Food/Beverage Fee.

Food and/or beverages may not be taken into any meeting space unless the Food/Beverage Fee has been paid. Food and/or beverages may not be taken from meeting spaces to other parts of the Library.

If Library staff finds that food and/or beverages have been consumed without prior payment of the Food/Beverage Fee, each Applicant's Library account may be charged half the Food/Beverage Fee. Future use of Library meeting space use may be denied.

At the end of their meeting, Applicants are responsible for removing their leftover food and/or beverage items, etc. from the Meeting Room and placing trash in containers provided.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Library property.

Furniture and Equipment

The Library does not provide the set up and take down of furniture and/or equipment in Meeting Rooms, unless the Set-up and Take-down Fee has been submitted with a Meeting Room Application.

Users may rearrange furniture and/or equipment within a Meeting Room as long as exits are not blocked. Furniture may not be removed from its assigned space. Applicants' supplies and/or equipment may not be stored in the Library.

Users are responsible for leaving meeting space in the original condition they found it. Users must return any furniture and/or equipment to pre-meeting locations and remove all meeting materials or place them in trash containers provided.

Applicants who have paid the Set-up and Take-down Fee are exempt from the requirements related to returning the furniture and/or equipment to pre-meeting locations.

If Library staff finds that a Meeting Room has not been returned to its pre-meeting condition and the Set-up and Take-down Fee has not been paid, each Applicant's Library card account may be charged half the Set-up and Take-down Fee. Future reserved use of Library meeting space may be denied.

Users must report any damages to Library property and/or equipment occurring during or in connection with their meeting. Each Applicant's Library card account may be charged half the cost of repairs and/or replacement of Library equipment resulting from said Applicants' use of the meeting space. Future use of Library meeting space use may be denied.

Kitchen Facilities

Availability of kitchen facilities cannot be guaranteed unless the Food/Beverage fee has been paid. Exclusive kitchen access for Applicants cannot be granted since kitchens are used by Library staff as well.

Kitchen facilities may not be used for non-food related activities.

At the end of the meeting, Applicants are responsible for removing leftover food and/or beverage items, etc. from the kitchen facilities and placing trash in containers provided.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is provided to meeting space users by Library staff as a fee-based service.

Technical Assistance is defined as assistance given by Library staff to meeting space users beyond general instruction, regarding the set up or operation of any Library equipment. Each Applicant's Library card account may be charged half the Technical Assistance Fee if Library staff assistance goes beyond general instructions during the course of a meeting or presentation.



Approved by the Board of Trustees 6/26/00
Revised 12/3/01, 10/28/02, 12/2/02, 7/26/04, 8/28/06, 2/25/08, 2/23/09, 3/25/13