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Summer Reading 2013 for babies ages 0 to 35 months.

How to participate:

  1. Register at the one Greenville County Library System (GCLS) location you visit most.
  2. Get an Early Literacy Activities log.
  3. As you do an activity, put a checkmark on one point of its star.
  4. When you have 40 checks, go to the library where you registered.
  5. Show your Early Literacy Activities log and get a free board book.*

* One book per household, daycare, or group.

Sat, Jul 27 is the last day to collect your board book!

All about Early Literacy

What is Early Literacy?

Early Literacy is what children know about reading and writing long before they can actually read and write.

Can't I just wait until my child starts school and let the teachers take care of this?

Don't wait. Shared Early Literacy experiences will be very rewarding for both of you and will help prepare your child for later reading and writing success.

How do I create these Early Literacy Experiences?

TALK, READ, WRITE, SING and PLAY with your child. These activities will help build essential early literacy skills.

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Early Literacy Skills